The Witcher 3 Cheat Codes

The Witcher 3 Cheat Codes

August 8, 2018 0 By Amelia Martinez

As we promised, we are going to present you with cheat codes for almost every game. Today, we choose the Witcher 3.The Witcher 3 goes through the console of the game for the use of cheat codes. Unfortunately, this console is not available to players without some small manipulations that exclude players on PS4 and Xbox One.
Installation of the Debug mod Console Enabler

If you are on PC then you will first need to download the Debug Console Enabler mod to NexusMod. Then, after copying the contents of the folder in “The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64“, in game play you just have to press” F2 “ or ” ~” to display the console and enter a code. Note also that the “F1 ” key allows you to use the camera in free mode. Finally, if your game no longer starts after installing the mod, reinstalling Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 must be repaired. We want to remind you again of the fantastic casino adaptation of these top-grossing video games. Have a free demo by using the free spins bonuses, and send us your honest opinion. Grab the best bonus offers of Royal Panda casino at the Pokerbonuscash website, and give it a try.

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List of the cheat code of The Witcher 3
Main Codes :

god: activate invincibility
healm: health bar regeneration
Ciri: change character with Ciri
Geralt: rechange for Geralt
setlevel (#): change level by replacing # with the desired level
levelup: gain a level
addexp (#): earn an amount of experience by replacing # with the desired number of points
learnskill (name of competency): learning a competency (examples: alchemy_s14, magic_2…)
Cat (1) : activating Night vision
Cat (0) : disable Night vision
setbeard(1): growing Geralt’s beard
shave Geralt
seatatoo (1) : activates the tattoos of The Witcher save 2
seatatto (0) : remove the tattoos of The Witcher save 2
additem (name of the object): adds an object
addmoney (#): add money by replacing # with the desired amount
removemoney (#): withdraw money by replacing # with the desired amount
spawn (monster name,#): invoke a PNJ indicating its name and replace # with the desired number of PNJ
killall: kills all enemies engaged in battle
makeitrain: weather change
stoprain: stop the weather change
ShowAllFT (1): discover all the Signposts
ShowPins (1) : discover all the icons and areas on the map
secretgwint: play a round of Gwynt anywhere
winGwint (#): win the current game of gwynt by replacing # with the desired number of points
addgwintcards: add a copy of all the maps of the gwynt in your deck
additem (card,#): add a specific card to your deck by replacing # with the desired number

Teleportation :


The full name of many objects or characters is not necessarily easy to find, so don’t hesitate to visit our colleagues in Gamekult where the whole list is.