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Zune Phone To Launch At MWC: Report

It’s not like a Zune Phone will redefine cell phones like the iPhone did, but there are Zune fans, and a Zune Phone has been rumored for some time. Now areportfrom Spanish tech blog MuyComputer says its 100 percent confirmed to be introduced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) later this week.

Updated Zune drivers had already pointed to the Zune Phone, but this report indicates that

The report states the Zune Phone, which will be Windows Mobile with Zune software added, will have an NVIDIA Tegra chip in it. Thus, NVIDIA will be in attendance and helping with the introduction, as well.

The report adds that the Zune Phone is expected to have a 480 x 272 screen, Windows Mobile 7, and HDMI out. Windows Mobile 7 would put the device way out there in terms of delivery, unless Microsoft is pulling in the WinMo7 schedule by an extreme amount. Or, perhaps, it will have WinMo6.5 and be upgradeable to 7.