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How To Create A More Secure iPhone Unlock Code

imageWhat if you’re more worrisome and want more security? Well, if you want a more stringent passcode, you can’t achieve it via the UI on the device.

Instead, you have to use the iPhone Configuration Utility (Windows, Mac). While normally of use to Enterprises, in this case, an end user can use it as well. You will need to create and install a profile on your iPhone.

Here’s the appropriate disclaimer: if you make a profile that somehow hoses your iPhone, or you forget your new and more complex passcode, we’re not responsible. Much as with editing the registry in Windows, there’s always the chance you could make a mistake. Of course, that’s what the Restore feature in iTunes is for.

imageSimply run the program, and then select Phone Configuration from the LH sidebar (above, click to enlarge). Then click the New button on the toolbar to create a new profile. Again, click the above image to enlarge.Next, select the General section of the profile and enter a name and identifier for the Profile. I entered “Alphanumeric Passcode” and “” You can also enter an optional description. You can also restrict when the profile can be removed from the device: Never, With Authentication, or Always. Click the above image to enlarge.imageSelect the (what else) Passcode section of the profile. As above (click to enlarge), you’ll see a prompt; ciick the Configure button to start configuring your PasscodeimageSelect the Require passcode on device then configure the settings.  These settings include:

  • Allow simple value or Require alphanumeric value
  • Minimum passcode length
  • Minimum number of complex characters
  • Maximum passcode age (how long before passcode must be changed; 0 = never)
  • Auto-lock (how long before device auto-locks, or 0 = never)
  • Passcode history (number of unique passcodes required before you can reuse one)
  • Grace period for device lock (how long it can be locked without requiring a passcode)
  • Maximum number of failed attempts

After you make the appropriate changes, Export the profile from the Configuration Utility (File, Export) and then you can simply email the profile to yourself.  You can then click on the attachment to install.  Voila!

To uninstall the profile, on your device, go into Settings, General, Profiles, find the one you want, and tap it to start the removal process.