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yotaphone-2-1 Yota Devices is a Russian company that entered the mental space of tech enthusiasts everywhere with the debut of the original YotaPhone a couple of years ago. In 2014, it launched the YotaPhone 2, a second-generation smartphone that greatly improved on the original concept. The YotaPhone 2 is a surprisingly capable, well-equipped Android smartphone – which happens to also have the…image

watch-market3 The night before the launch I asked a friend who had insider knowledge about the product. I posited that the watch would be something you wore on one wrist and that I could wear my beloved mechanicals – my massive Bell & Ross, my Speedmaster Mark II, and my world timer Jaeger-LeCoultre – on my other wrist. I’d be a little like Nicolas Hayek, the beloved CEO of the…bienvenido Shortly after launching Start-Up Chile, the state-backed accelerator program designed to spur the development of a startup ecosystem in Chile, the Chilean government realized they had a problem on their hands. The program was running smoothly, but a dearth of local investors was driving a good portion of its graduates to a premature death.