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The New Syber Music

Syber Music - Gets a Facelift Ver 2.0

Its been a long time since Syberplanet has got any upgrades or a facelift. So we decided to make Syber Music the best ever music site created.  The new Syber Music is more visually appealing,  provides better results and instant download from the site where the source file is uploaded.

The new Syber Music features include:-

  • Better Loading Time
  • More Accurate Results
  • Album Art for Each & Every Song
  • Source File URL
  • Online Player
  • Music Embed – Post them on your site/blog
  • Instant Download
  • Instant Lyrics – Beta
  • Top 10 Songs – Yahoo Music
  • Easy Navigation
  • Less Advertisments

The Old Syber Music

Syber Music Old - Ver 1.0

Syber Music – Ver 2.0


Search Results Page


This is the search results page featuring the album art for the searched song, a play button to instantly play the requested song, Artist Name, Top 10 Songs Online Music Player and a link to find the song lyrics.


The search results are grabbed from a remote site and none of the files (songs or images are hosted on Syberplanet). The album art images are grabbed from the Amazon web services. The online player is acquired from and the embed service uses tinyURL to get the song id and the link.

We support the artists, writers, editors and producers who create the music, videos, news and other content available on the Web. Because we promote the enjoyment of streaming media on the site where it is found, we always display the page where the stream is indexed. Our users are encouraged to enjoy legitimate downloadable media and support artists by purchasing music after sampling it online. We provide full acknowledgement of ownership, source and author for all streams that provide it – and we recommend that stream producers fully describe their work with appropriate metadata. As a search engine, we enable users to find and view all sorts of media. We can’t be responsible for what people post to the Web, and we can’t be responsible for what you do with it when you find it. For additional information, please read our official “DMCA Take Down Notice”, on

Please refer to the disclaimer for more information – Disclaimer

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