Syber News » Palm Pre 2 appears on French carrier’s website

Palm Pre 2 appears on French carrier’s website

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 1:15French carrier SFR has out  new webOS device. It seems official: the Palm Pre 2 is coming.

It seems like there’s not much changed externally on the device. The SFR blog post says that the Palm Pre 2 will have a “flatter screen” and a “more refined design.” Internally, however, things get more interesting:

  • 1GHz processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • webOS 2.0
  • A zoomed-in view of the image on the page appears to show they’ve removed that USB door (all those sorts of doors eventually crack and fall off) and gone with a simple exposed port.

For those interested in such trivia, it seems, from the image name on SFR’s site, that the phone’s codename is RoadRunner.

Unfortunately, things like internal storage, screen resolution, pricing, and more are unavailable.  It’s unclear if this will make it to the U.S, either.

However, we await the new webOS phones that HP said recently were coming in early 2011. This refresh is better than nothing for webOS fans, but the form factor isn’t really changed much and is already nearing two years old.

Compare that to the lifespan of an Android phone, which seems to run about 3 months based on the number of phones introduced.