Syber News » Nearly 38 percent of iOS devices sold are iPod touches: report

Nearly 38 percent of iOS devices sold are iPod touches: report

Apple usually doesn’t take the time to spotlight the iPod touch, the iPhone’s little brother. However, recent analysis byasymcohas determined that more than one in three iOS devices sold to date has been the phone-less iPhone.

Exterior-Accents 125x125 BBQ Grills Pageasymco’s results came from the following, admittedly a guesstimate: at Apple’s September 1st event, the company announced that 120 million iOS devices were sold to date. SEC filings indicate that there were 59.6 million iPhones sold through June. Meanwhile, from Apple’s own statements, we know that 3.2 million iPads have been sold.

The real guesstimate portion of the calculation comes from the numbers that asymco assumed for iPhones and iPads for July and August (8 million and 4 million, respectively). If that assumption is correct, the total number of iPod touch devices sold is 45.2 million.

Pulling out the calculator, that figure works out to be 37.7 percent of the total iOS units. Not bad for the iPhone’s little brother, though asymco noted that the share attributed to the iPod touch has dropped since the introduction of the iPad.

On the other hand, with a new iPod touch on the scene, we may see a spike in touch sales. Either way, it’s an impressive footprint among all the iOS devices.