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iPhone NDA Causes Book to Be Axed

There has been much venom aimed at Apple recently, over things likerejectionsbecause of duplication of Apple functionality (monopolism anyone?), as well asextending the NDAto rejection letters. The NDA is also, according to developers, making it difficult to share information and tips about programming for the iPhone.

More bad news: publishing company Pragmatic Programmers has said it’s says it’s canceling its iPhone book because of Apple’s NDA.

We’ve had the iPhone book ready to go beta for some months, but were prevented from publishing it because of the iPhone SDK’s Non-Disclosure Agreement (which affects all publishers regarding this material, regardless of whether the reader is a member of the ADC or not).

Normally, pre-release NDA’s such as this one are lifted when the product finally ships. We expected that this NDA would be lifted when the iPhone 2.0 software shipped, but it wasn’t. The September announcement came and went, and still the NDA remains in place.

It now appears that Apple does not intend to lift the NDA any time soon. Regrettably, this means we are pulling our iPhone book out of production. But all is not lost: we are actively looking at alternative ways of getting this content to you. It probably won’t happen anytime soon, but know that we are doing what we can.

I don’t know what Pragmatic Programmers was thinking! It’s Apple! Did they really think the secrecy would go away?

Apparently they were not the only ones: this book, The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook: Building Applications with the iPhone SDK , says the following in the publisher’s blurb at

Note: This title will be released as soon as Apple lifts the NDA on the iPhone SDK.

What’s interesting, however, is that the same book at says it will be available on Dec. 5th. What’s up with that? Does know something doesn’t?

In any case, good luck.