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Company Name

20-Word description is a free service that lets you share posts, links and more with your friends, family and co-workers.

CEO’s Pitch

It’s a micro-blogging site where users can share posts of an unlimited length, links to websites and files. Users have a 200MB sandbox which is accessible by both users and applications.

So far, so Pownce. However, where we really differ is that we will be offering SMS updates and support for uploading files from your mobile. We are also building an advanced API that will allow applications developed on it to be run from inside (similar to Facebook) as well as outside.

Mashable’s Take is a micro-blogging service that’s like a Twitter and Pownce mashup. There isn’t a 140-character limit as members can post messages of unlimited length. Also, you can share links and files that you upload ala Pownce style. The size limit for files is 50 MB. The limit for maximum number of people that you can follow is a meager 1,000 at this time as they continue to develop their new service and plan to increase that limit as soon as they can.

Behind the scenes, has some rather ambitious plans for the near future. They plan to differentiate themselves from Pownce and others by providing SMS access and file uploading from mobile devices. They are also working on providing a rich API for developers who want to build applications that can actually work from within Fidjit much like applications work within Facebook. By default, every member gets a 200 MB sandbox to store files and applications which could make this a very useful service for the mobile crowd, especially iPhone users.

I was disappointed to see that the links you share on are not handled the same way they are on some other services such as Plurk or Rejaw. For example, when you share a link to a YouTube video on those micro-blogging platforms the actual video is displayed within the message itself so members can view it there and don’t have to go to YouTube to watch it. Plurk does the same thing with links to photos from sites such as from Flickr (Rejaw doesn’t). On when you share similar items they are displayed as a link.

In the meantime, it will be interesting to see if Fidjit can actually establish a new platform for storing files and hosting micro-blogging apps for mobile users.

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