Syber News » Apple’s new Apple Store shopping app goes live

Apple’s new Apple Store shopping app goes live

As expected, Apple on Tuesday launched a new Apple Store application in the App Store. Simply put, it’s like any other online retailer’s shopping app (think, but instead focuses on Apple’s online store.

This Week’s Free Shipping and Special OffersApple’s press release on the new app implies it is currently only for U.S. customers, with no date given for international support.

One of the nice features, and perhaps “really nice” for those attempting to pre-order an iPhone 4, is that the app, known only as “Apple Store,” supports easy ordering of iPhone 4s. You can “Buy or reserve a new iPhone with just a few taps.”

In addition, you can of course browse the online Apple Store for anything you might want to buy, among their other products. There is no iPad-specific version of the app, howver. Here’s how the app is described (and naturally, it is free):

With the Apple Store app, you can:
– See new and featured products from Apple.
– Shop the full selection of products available from the Apple Online Store.
– Find the latest accessories and software.
– Read customer reviews and get answers to product questions.
– Buy or reserve a new iPhone with just a few taps.
– Locate any Apple Retail Store in the world, instantly.
– Make Personal Shopping, Genius Bar, and One to One appointments.
– Sign up for workshops and events at your favorite Apple Retail Store.