Syber News » 75-year-old woman claims she saved ‘YouTube puppies’

75-year-old woman claims she saved ‘YouTube puppies’via FacebookA 75-year-old Bosnia woman, who lives in the same town as the alleged “YouTube puppy thrower,” claims to have saved the puppies the young girl threw into a river. There are a few questions about her claim, however, including the fact that the puppies don’t look quite the same.

In the original YouTube video, which was later taken down but still appeared on other sites, a young girl, later discovered to be a teen from Bugojno, Bosnia, threw six black-and-white puppies into a fast-flowing river. A huge Internet and animal-rights campaign arose, and Bosnian authorities later captured the young woman, who remains unidentified as she is a minor (though the Internet group 4Chan once vowed to ID her).

In the latest development, Ruza Pavlovic, 75, claims to have fished out of that river. She says she saw them struggling to stay alive at the side of the river as she made her way to a potato field.

The questions that now arise are many: how could a 75-year-old have fished them out of a rivet? On the other hand, if they had managed to be swept to the edge of a river, it’s possible that she might have been able to do so.

However, the puppies seen in the original video seemed to be black-and-white, and these appear to be black-and-tan. It’s also unclear if the puppies in the video could have possibly survived long enough for Pavlovic to rescue them.

There’s slightly more strangeness as well. Ruza Pavlovic suddenly has a Facebook page, complete with images of her and the puppies. She currently has 43 friends and we’d expect that number to rise exponentially as the story emerges (assuming it’s true).

Unfortunately, the only people who could verify the authenticity of Pavlovic’s claim would be the young girl, and the person who filmed her. Of course, while many have doubts, undoubtedly many would wish this could be true. Yesterday, Pavlovic said, “They are healthy and happy. My problem is that they need at least three litres of milk a day and I live only on my small pension, but I do not have the heart to abandon them.”

This latest incident came on the heels of the “Cat Bin Lady,” Mary Bale, who stuffed a cat into a trash bin where it stayed for 15 hours. After a CCTV video was uploaded to YouTube, 4Chan tracked her down, and all her details as well. The group has vowed to do the same for the Bosnian teen.

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