11 Tools to Help You Save Sites for Reading Later | Syber Blog

Sometimes we discover interesting websites that we want to save to check out later because we’re busy with other tasks. For such occasions, there is a new breed of browser addons, bookmarklets, and special bookmarking services available to help save those urls and retrieve them easily later. Here are 11 of them.

Do you use tools like this, or do you prefer continuing to use normal browser bookmarking services like Delicious? Let us know in the comments.

FriendFeed Read Later

FriendFeed Read Later provides you with a ‘later’ button that you can use to save entries on FriendFeed for reading later. You can view these saved entries on a ‘Read Later’ tab on your FriendFeed page. Considering the noise level at FriendFeed, this might just come as a rescue for many.



Instapaper provides a bookmarklet for saving sites for later reading. You can view your saved site links on your computer browser or on your iPhone. Instapaper is a no frill tool and the bookmarklet is a breeze to use. It also provides you with an offline viewing feature and an RSS for your saved urls.



LaterLoop is just like Instapaper, perhaps the only difference being that LaterLoop provides you with a Firefox and Internet Explorer addon, in addition to the bookmarklet, which allows you to save links with keyboard shortcuts. There are RSS feeds for your saved urls, offline reading support, iPhone viewing, and you can link up your Google account to register with LaterLoop.



LaterThis is like a carbon copy of Delicious, starting from the look and feel to the functionality. It provides you with a simple page where you can view the sites you have saved for reading later. You can tag and add comments on each site and there is an RSS feed for your links as well. Just like Delicious, there is a list of popular and latest LaterThis links.



ListMixer provides you with another webpage where you can save your throwaway links for 30 days, after which ListMixer will delete them for you. You can use the ListMixer bookmarklet for Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer to bookmark sites, with aditional options of adding descriptions and tags. There is also an RSS feed and a linkroll that you might want to use in your blog.



PushPopURL provides you with a set of five browser bookmarklets that allow you to push a website link into your queue of read later links, take a site from the top or bottom of the queue, view the queue, or delete a link from the queue. There is a secret key that you need to use in case you want to add site links without logging in to PushPopURL. For those who are into simplistic designs, this one, with a plain white background and no special design, can be a good option.

Read It Later


Read It Later is a feature rich Firefox addon that enables you to save site urls and links for later viewing. Once installed, it will display a tick mark symbol at the end of your Firefox address bar, which you have to click on in order to save a site url. To save a link on a page, you can right click it and choose the ‘Read This Link Later’ option. In order to view saved links, click on the Read It Later icon on the Firefox navigation toolbar. You can sort and filter your saved urls by date, site name, tag, etc. You can also access your saved sites offline or from other devices, and there is a sync option as well in case you are using multiple computers. Read It Later also has an RSS reader of your saved sites, though I doubt many people will find this relevant.



ReadBag allows you to save urls using a simple bookmarklet and read them later on the ReadBag site from your computer or mobile phone browser, email, or feed reader. You can sign into ReadBag using your Google account. There are some other features like import from Delicious, and offline viewing support with Google Gears. ReadBag also has a Firefox addon and a Google Reader integration feature.



Taboo is another Firefox addon bringing in two more interesting features. Firstly, it takes screenshots of webpages that you save, so that when you view your full list of saved sites, they are displayed in a grid just like in Opera starter pages. You can also view your saved sites sorted in a calendar format. Secondly, what makes Taboo interesting is that it remembers “session state information such as how far you’ve scrolled on the page and information in forms,” etc.



Tark is a Firefox addon that will provide you with five icons in your bookmarks toolbar – denoting 4 weeks, 3 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week, and 0 week. So whenever you bookmark a site and want to set a deadline against that site, you can choose any of the Tark buttons. These buttons will replace the favicons of that particular site in your bookmarks and will keep changing as time goes by.



toread provides a unique way of saving links by sending a cached version of the site to your email. Using toread is a breeze and all you need to do is install its bookmarklet on your browser. toread can also send you a text only version of websites on your mobile phone. There is a Japanese version of toread as well.