Conform and also merely administer our cheats by pressing the vital cheat combination that we posted within the MT-U and on our internet site and that you can install as PDF. Membership is vital in this particular instance:

  1. As a Bronze-Member you certainly not only obtain access to all the Public Trainer cheats but likewise to all incentive cheats of amount 1 (Bronze-Cheats”), likewise 1-7 times after the official launch.
  2. Silver-Members also acquire all reward cheats level 2 (Silver-Cheats”) to the Bronze-Cheats, still 1-7 days after the official release.
  3. Gold-Members get every one of the cheats discussed previously, needless to say, yet as a premium customer you get them immediately are launched, hence not needing to exempt any minute – indeed this puts on all routine video game patches and updates the video game designers publish at the same time!

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